Under Deck Tanks

So you wish to Harvest FREE Rainwater to use around the garden? Fill the pool ? Wash the cars, wash the house, wash the dog, etc ? Not so sure which way to go?  Good – you are at a VERY important crossroad and we are here to give you Bang for Buck. Also, a very clear and evident reason to choose UNDER DECK Rainwater Tanks over any other overpriced – cost per Litre retention option !

What if we said you can have your 10,000 Litres of Harvested Rainwater and a FREE* Timber Deck! Compared to an above-ground Tank or digging massive holes and going underground costing a lot of potential drama and more often than not a small fortune when you hit rock !  Yes – we said – you get your Tanks, you harvest your FREE water and you end up with saving that can well pay for a beautiful TIMBER DECK to place over the top.

Add an outdoor setting and a BBQ on top, call your friends over, turn up the music and enjoy – We’ll drink to that !

Imagine doing all this while maintaining the key aesthetics of your Back Yard or Outdoor Sanctuary by the pool, under the tree, or overlooking the neighbouring vista. Much better than paying as much and most of the time a great deal more hard-earned cash for constant splitting Slimline Tanks.

We proudly offer 3 different height variations to suit many different needs and project requirements. Under Deck Water Tanks are certainly unique in their overall design and strength taking the idea and overall concept of a Tight Spot Tank, Slender Tank, Thin Tank, or Slimline Water Tank that are traditionally placed along the side of a garden shed, a garage wall or down the side of any house – and “ technically ” place the Poly Tank it on its side. Factually, and in total reality, Under Deck Water Tanks are an ideal way to store water using a food-grade poly water tank in an out of sight location.

We would be happy to field enquiries from interstate for bulk loads where we have served many a Developer, a Builder & Plumbers installing Tanks into Dongas and moveable – Portable Buildings such as found those found in among Mining Accommodation Camps & Caravan Parks with rental cottages all over Australia. Larger single order loads into Adelaide and as far North into Queensland Regional Towns such as Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Moranbah, Dysart, Emerald, Mitchell, Roma & Miles for our Mining Camp clients is a true specialty.

If you are looking for other sized POLY TANKS we have a closely held relationship with a successful Tank supply Company, also held within The GETEM Group of Companies, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

If you have a need for bulk Tanks we are happy to serve and offer reasonable price breaks for quantities for such application for Developers, Mining Camps and where a small Tank is required for Villas, Townhouses, and small Courtyards etc.

Underdeck tanks backyard with hidden rainwater tank

Are you looking for a new Water Pump only or a Pump with Mains Water Switch with your Tank ? 

750 Watt Intelligent Jet Surface Mount Water Pump with Built-in Auto Pressure Controller
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BAS20 Mains Water Switch & 750 Watt Jet Pump with Auto Press Control Package Deal
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BAS25 Mains Water Switch & 750 Watt Jet Pump with Auto Press Control Package Deal
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