Under Deck Tanks


Squat Under Deck TankUnder Deck Tanks has been in the Rain Water Tank & Pump Supply Industries * for over 10 years. We have seen it all! Heard it all! Suffered some horror stories with manufacturers! At the end of the day looking back, it was the best road to travel.

Allowing us to bring to you our lessons and knowledge. Most importantly, Industry best Products, Practice, and QUALITY and keen and very fair pricing where we all win.

Frankly – If you are not winning nor happy, – nor are we !

Over +11,600 Poly Tanks of various sizes and some +7,000 Pump Sets have gone to market, and our valued clients continually coming back job after job. With the word spreading & clientele growing each and every week, we are surely doing something right. Frankly we are keen to serve YOU! We’ll work a deal 2nd to NONE !

With Under Deck Tanks Australia Pty Ltd being part of The GETEM Group of Companies, be rest assured of a QUALITY PRODUCT, KEEN PRICING and YOU are all part of a WIN-WIN based Scenario.  This is at the very core and heart of every Tank & Pump deal.

We are proud to bring our QUALITY PRODUCT to the market, all at keen pricing, up and down the Eastern Coast States and their Regional Towns.

Larger and full loads heading into all other States of Australia for Mining Camps, Developments & Accommodation Mini-Towns based on Portable Buildings, Town Houses, Villas etc.

As blocks of land are getting smaller and smaller it’s even becoming difficult to place a Slimline Tank. All without taking away valuable internal floor space when buildings are often allowed to be built with a zero boundary. This is where a simple plan to set the Under Deck Tanks in situ ( even bury them 50% by scratching them into the ground ) and place a very simple Deck over the top.  “Hiding the tanks” and place your Al Fresco dining region & BBQ with Outdoor setting over the top and nobody would even know.

Our Director, Mark Bernard Thomas, was the recipient of the “National Water Tank Reseller of the year 2007- 2008”.

He was awarded during the ceremony held at Skyline Gondola in Queenstown, New Zealand by White International Inc .

Can you see the under deck tank

12000 litre under deck rainwater tanks
Al Fresco Dining Under Deck Tanks 5
Under deck tank under dining area

For more details contact us on 1300 677 169. We look forward to serving you and proudly adding you to a growing family of customers we are appreciative of & may serve for many years to come.