Under Deck Tanks


Features & Benefits when using Under Deck Tanks.

Under Deck Tanks are cost-effective.

  • Smaller equipment, meaning NO massive excavation costs to dig massive holes to bury your Tanks
  • Less work, because there is NO massive rock breaking costs & unforeseen surprises
  • Faster and NO spoil removal to tip costs
  • NO massive Crane Hire costs

Under Deck Tanks are space-saver and easy to install.

  • You get your Backyard Back to play and enjoy
  • Your Deck sits neatly over the Tanks without you wasting valuable land, or filling your yard with large Tanks and the Kids can’t play.
  • Saves wasting in excess of $5000-$6000 worth of Land you have purchased
  • Easily joined together for harvesting much more Rainwater Volume.
  • Simple, Easy, and Quick installation saving huge amounts of hard earned cash Vs- buried Poly and Concrete Tanks.
  • Easily handled with a wheelbarrow or carried by 2 persons to situ – each unit only weighs 110 kgs.

Under Deck Tanks are safe.

  • Child Safe water entry point assisting safety around your home.
  • Designed to withstand back filling with drainage material. DON’T put fill over the top.
  • Fits easily between piers and bearers.
  • No need for big holes to be dug. You will only need to remove 50 mm of dirt.
  • Perfect for rainwater harvesting and hiding your tanks under a deck with a BBQ & Outdoor furniture atop
  • Place straight onto the earth with 100mm of River Sand base or 75-100mm of 5-7mm grade of Crusher / Cracker Dust.
  • Built with clean lines and specialised “ ribbing “ for added strength with a clean & stylish aesthetic and self-supporting structure.
  • No poles needed inside our Underdeck tanks.

Grade finish and material.

  • Manufactured with consistent thickness in the walls, utilising ribbed strength for evenly distributed pressure top to bottom.
  • Stainless steel screws and strainer mesh with 2 x 25mm Brass Outlets per Tank.
  • UV stabilised virgin food grade polyethylene with no taste or plastic smell – drinking water compatible.
  • Certified to Australian Standards (AS2070).
  • Material used to make the tanks is similare to that of a large plastic cup.
  • The ‘Small Footprint’ design for going between bearers and piers ensures the biggest storage capacity with no waste.
  • Outlets & Fit off points are moulded into the wall for absolute integrity and ease of installation on site.
  • Unique computer designed and run up with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to exacting Australian Standards.
  • Engineers design the tanks, under intense computer programming, looking for weak points and design flaws. 
  • Master moulds are only made once they pass this testing.
  • Manufactured using Industry Best Practice to cure properly.
  • All tanks meet intense Quality Control Process under Australian Standards – AS4766.

For more details, please contact us on 1300 677 169.  We look forward to serving you and proudly adding you to a growing family of customers we are appreciative of & may serve for many years to come.