Under Deck Tanks

Care for any PROOF that many / most Slimline Tanks are problematic over the years?

It’s all these Poly Slimline SINGLE PIECE Designs that rely on “Kiss-Off Joins“ and Side Seams down both sides with that design causing potential weak points where significant Load and Pressure after many Cycles of Filling and Emptying – added with a Hot Day causing expansion of Poly material in turn then causing many of these style of Slimline Tanks to pull apart at this proned weak point with massive loss of valuable water and sometimes property damage.

Our recommendation after suffering The Hard Way fighting for clients chasing warranty claims and Learning the Harsh Lessons is to respectfully advise YOU…

dont risk splitting tanks

You CAN NOT beat the sheer SEAMLESS STRENGTH of a single piece Mould with NO joins below waterline possible joins creating weakness or pinholes as the Mould cools and can suck air causing minute bubbles that may well open up later – even better is a Circle – A Barrel Tank System if you will as we proudly offer via our sister Company in Artesian Tanks – another Member of The GET-EM Group of Companies

splitting slimline water tanks3

Following is 100% PROOF that Two Piece “Clam-Shell” and “Steel Pole Support” Designed Slimline Tanks ARE Warranty nightmares and a pending financial loss!

splitting slimline watertanks

Now if that isn’t enough – should “OTHERS” and certainly a Manufacturer try to tell you that Steel Poles are used to Hold their Tanks Together – that maybe so… BUT … may we respectfully suggest and you cry out BULLSH1T – sorry we meant to write … you say… NO ! – SORRY – THAT’S NOT TRUE !

Did you know these tanks are only 2500 Litre in Size? Why wrapped in Steel Poles? They still Hung themselves to Death.

splitting water tanks

NO WARRANTY IS AVAILABLE (unless you know where to go looking!) as the Company that manufactured them is “Hiding” behind a Company merger and Name Change yet is still making Poly Tanks in QLD, NSW and VIC.

If by chance you are looking for the Manufacturer of this style of Tanks give us a call… We have the Managing Directors and QLD State Managers personal e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers for you !

splitting slimline water tanks7

Remember please Folks: NOTHING is as strong in Poly Tank Manufacturing as a Tank designed and made with

NO SIDE SEAMS or SIDE JOINS. Having no side seams or side joins is so much better and stronger than the average Slimline Tank Design so reliant on “Kiss Offs“ and Side Seams due to the very design and need of 2 piece Clam Shell Style Moulds!

Rest assured your Under Deck Tanks are made using moulds with NO Kiss-Off Joins and NO SIDE SEAMS and governed by this you will never have an issue with Splitting Tanks thus warranty claims, perhaps property damage and significant financial loss!

dont risk slimline tanks

slimline tanks split